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Why Impact Windows Pay for Themselves

Hurricane resistant windows are something that we feel, every home should be equipped with, regardless of where you live. Hurricane resistant windows come with a myriad of benefits, some of which we’ll talk about in this article.


For some people, like those in Florida, where hurricanes are a common concern, impact windows aren’t a trend, but a necessity. Yet, many homeowners still take the time to debate the usefulness of these windows, claiming they’re too expensive and not worth the cost.

We beg to differ. We tend to think that impact windows pay for themselves in the first few years after their installation. And here’s why.

1.  Impact windows are saving you money on insulation.

It goes without saying that hurricane windows are much more resistant than regular windows, of course. This is what makes them such a clever idea in case there’s a hurricane. But that’s not the only advantage of these much sturdier windows.

Traditional windows lead to approximately 30% heat reduction. That means that in the winter, your home is a lot chillier than it should be, since a lot of that heat escapes through a traditional window. The opposite is true, during the summer, when heat enters the home, and it becomes difficult to cool off.

Impact windows can help with that. Being much thicker, they block a lot more of the outside heat during the warm summer months and keep out the cold during winter. By doing these two things, they help you save a lot on energy bills (either in amping up the thermostat or turning on the A/C).

2.  Hurricane windows mean less storm damage.

Obviously, if there’s a storm and your home gets damaged in it, you’re going to have to pay for that damage out of your own pocket. By minimizing the damage, hurricane windows also reduce the cost.

What’s more, hurricane windows also protect your home against burglars and intruders, once again saving you a lot of money, in terms of stolen property.

3.  You can usually get a discount.

A lot of insurance plans are devised to include such additions to the home, so it’s always smart to check with your insurance company and see if you’re not eligible for a sizable discount.

After all, hurricane windows aren’t simply some trend you’re infatuated with, but in many cases, a necessity. This is why many home insurance plans have come to cover them. It’s also how you may be able to seriously cut down on their overall cost.

4.  In the end, your home will be worth more.

Though you might not want to think about it now, you’ll probably want to sell your home at some point in the future. And when that moment comes, you’ll thank yourself for having installed impact resistant windows, as they’ve been known to increase a property’s value by quite a bit.

So yes, while impact windows may seem like a hefty sum right now, they’ll easily make up that money in the near future.

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