What is Impact Resistant Glass?

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you understand that you are at the mercy of the elements and it is best practice to take precautions to help protect you and your loved ones. During severe thunderstorms or hurricanes, flying debris outside can break your windows allowing high winds into your home, and creating a whirlwind of objects that can create a very dangerous situation. Not only can flying debris enter your home and cause bodily harm, the wind alone can cause weak areas in your home to fail.

There are 4 areas that should be checked for vulnerabilities: (1) windows, (2) doors, (3) roof, and (4) the garage door (if you have one). For this article, we will be focusing on window protection and how Impact Resistant Glass can help protect you from bodily harm.

What is Impact Resistant Glass?

impact resistant glassImpact Windows, or Hurricane Windows, are specially designed to help protect you from high-speed wind-borne objects that can cause significant damage to your property and loved ones.  Impact resistant glass is glazed with a special silicone to help keep glass from breaking away from it’s frame. It is comprised of 2 panes of laminated, insulated glass that is bonded together with a special interlayer of clear polyvinyl butyral.  There is an airspace between the 2nd and 3rd glass layers that is filled with air or other gas to reduce heat transfer, then followed by a 3rd pane of glass for added insulation.  High-quality impact resistant glass is specifically designed to withstand repeated impact, and tested with a 9 lb 2’ x 4’ beam traveling 34 mph.

Is Impact Resistant Glass Unbreakable?

No, Impact Resistant Glass is not unbreakable. While a standard window can easily break into large, jagged shards of glass that can fly around inside your home at high speeds and cause serious injury, Impact Resistant Glass is designed to break in smaller, round pieces, and remain adhered to the heavy-duty frame. The flexible, laminated layer of glass acts as a barrier of protection, preventing wind-borne objects from penetrating the inside of your home at a specified wind velocity (depending on the object size and weight).

How Do I Know Impact Windows Really Work?

Aside from rigorous testing at high wind velocity, our products our built with heavy-duty frames that are designed to keep the window in place. Our products exceed most stringent code requirements, as well as 2010 Florida building code standards for impact-resistance.

When it comes to taking necessary safety precautions, impact windows are the best form of protection to keep you safe, while still preserving the aesthetic beauty of your home. Not only will the Impact Resistant Glass help protect your loved ones, it can raise the value of your home, as well as protect your home from extensive, costly water damage.



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