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What Does Condensation On My Windows Mean?

As South Florida’s weather can drastically fluctuate daily, it’s rather common to see condensation form on your windows. With rainstorms that can last from mere seconds to hours on end, coupled with the steady heat can lead to high levels of humidity all year long. Thus, the sight of condensation on your windows isn’t cause for immediate concern. However make no mistake: there are absolutely circumstances where condensation on your windows should be cause for concern.

Condensation On The Interior Side Of Your Windows – Nothing To Fear

Condensation that forms on the interior side of the windows in your home is of no concern. This typically occurs when one side of your home’s temperature is drastically different from the other side. Whether you’re raising the AC temperature to combat the cold outside, or lowering it to beat the sweltering heat of a South Florida summer, this can lead to your windows fogging up. The simple solution is to simply wipe them down with a lint-free microfiber towel. One solution is to utilize your ceiling fans more often, as they work very well for improving indoor air circulation.

Condensation On The Exterior Side Of Your Windows – Same Thing!

Much like the interior side, the exterior side of your windows forming condensation is entirely related to the rising and falling of temperatures & humidity in South Florida. If this becomes an issue, you can spray your windows with a water repellent spray similar to the ones used for car windshields.

Condensation Between Your Windows – This Spells Trouble

When you see condensation form between your window panes, you could be facing a far more serious problem. As windows were originally installed in new construction homes back in the 90s and early 2000s, the gap between the two window panes was filled with gases such as argon to function as an insulator. As the years would wear on, more and more of the gas would escape, leading to the window seal wearing down. This allows condensation to seep in between your windows, causing condensation to form that can’t be removed. With that said, condensation is the least of your concerns. An unsealed window can allow for the exterior environment to make its way into your home uninvited. One major concern would be mold spores. These coupled with the humidity that makes its way into your home, can lead to serious patches of mold forming throughout your home. If you notice a foul or musty odor any time you walk by your windows, you could have mold already forming in your home.

If you notice condensation forming on the inside of your windows, don’t hesitate—contact the Armored Impact Windows team today. We’re able to quickly assist with window replacement and installation. Contact us today either online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419 to learn how we can assist you today.

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