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Understanding the Different Types of Impact Windows

Whenever we talk about home improvements and redecorating, one subject that keeps popping up is that of impact windows. These are a necessity in many areas of the United States, such as Florida, for example, where hurricanes are fairly frequent.

However, you don’t need to live in a hurricane-prone area to put in hurricane resistant windows, as these marvelous devices come with a slew of benefits, aside from protecting your home against strong winds.

For example, they offer improved insulation, guarding your home against extreme heat/cold. They also serve as great noise reductors and protect your home from burglars. For short, impact windows are a good idea.

But this leaves us with another question – which ones?

Different Types of Impact Windows

1.  Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are your most basic type of window, and as such, the most popular. When we talk about single-hung windows, we are referring to the sliding, movable panels of said window.

So, in the case of single-hung windows, the bottom glass panel can slide up, to open the window, while the top panel remains unmoved.

Single Hung vs. Double Hung Window

2.  Double-Hung Windows

Of course, some windows are fancier than others. With double-hung windows, as you may have already guessed, both the upper and the lower glass panes can be slid down, or up respectively, to let air in.

Often, double-hung windows may be preferable because they allow for better air circulation.

3.  Fixed Windows

Then again, not all windows were made to be opened. In fact, more and more properties now are having fixed windows put in, largely because it’s an aesthetically pleasing option. Also, in some areas of the house, you just don’t want a window that opens, but rather a glass wall through which you’re able to see the world outside. But obviously, you wouldn’t want that to burst during a hurricane, either.

4.  Bay Windows

Bay Window

Bay windows are those beautiful, protruding windows that usually come with three vertical sets of window panes. Usually, these also have a large, picture window in the center. Bay windows are quite popular, as well since they create the illusion of more space. By pushing outward, they don’t seem to take up space inside your home, but rather to enlarge it, and what homeowner doesn’t want that?

5.  Sliding Windows

Sliding windows don’t work in every setting, nor indeed in every room. But in some cases, sliding windows (which slide horizontally, like a sliding door) are just what the doctor ordered for your home.

Sliding Window (Horizontal roller)

6.  Skylight Windows

Last on our list, though certainly not least, the skylight window. As the name suggests, these are windows that are mounted on the roof, and usually offer a view of the sky above.

Depending on the space at your disposal, and your decoration style, you may opt for one or several of the above styles. Whichever you choose, however, it’s paramount that you get yourself sturdy, impact windows. This way, your home can be both stylish and protected against strong winds (and not only!).


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