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Understanding The Cost Breakdown of Hurricane Impact Windows

You’ve probably heard it said that it’s a good idea to put in impact windows, if you don’t already have them on your property. The idea behind hurricane impact windows is that they are more resistant and thus better able to protect you, your family, and your home in the face of a natural disaster. On top of that, impact windows have many other benefits, and are overall a smart choice for homeowners, particularly if you live in a hurricane-prone area.

However, one major downside for many is that hurricane impact windows tend to be really expensive. So, in this article, we thought we’d take a look at that, and clue you in as to why impact windows are so costly.

How much do hurricane impact windows cost?

The price of hurricane impact windows depends on many things, such as materials used, installation, area, and so on. Usually, one single hurricane impact window can cost as little as $100, or as much as $600, not considering installation costs. So, depending on the size of your home, installing hurricane windows can really cost you a pretty penny (and by that, we mean a good few thousand dollars).

But why are impact windows so expensive?

Well, as we mentioned, there are a bunch of different factors that determine the cost of your hurricane windows, so let’s look at some of them.

1.   Security.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that you’re not paying for any regular window here, but for one that has a hoard of benefits to its name. Impact windows will not only protect your home from disaster, but they will also keep you safe from burglars, reduce outside noise, and increase the overall real estate value of your home if you decide to sell. So, in many ways, impact windows are a long-term investment, one that provides a serious security upgrade for you and your loved ones.

2.   Type of window.

Obviously, another important aspect is the type of window you’re looking for. Impact windows come in many different styles – single-hung, double-hung, horizontal roller, the list goes on and on. Naturally, the more complex your window type, the more costly it will get.

3.   Size of your opening.

It stands to reason that a full-wall window will cost more than a small, circular one, right? So, when examining the cost of your impact windows, also take a look at the size of your home, and the size of the windows you need.

4.   Installation.

When paying for your impact windows, you also need to keep in mind that installation takes time and effort. For each impact window that your home will need, you’ll also need to factor in the installation process. Now, some manufacturers include this in the price, and others keep it separate.

In any case, it’s a good idea to take all of these aspects into account when researching the impact windows market. This will help give you a better idea about why these windows cost what they do.

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