Safeguard Your Home for the Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season SignAre you still recuperating from the damage of the most recent hurricane season? Are you enjoying the break from watching the weather service’s hurricane reports with anticipation? While embracing the reprieve, don’t forget hurricane season will begin in two short months on June 1st. Now is the perfect time to get prepared and safeguard your home with the premium protection of impact windows.

Impact Windows vs. Replacement Windows

When investing in protection for your home and possessions, it is important to consider the superior function and long term value of impact windows versus replacement windows and other alternatives. Security features of impact windows include deterring theft and armoring your home with shatter resistance that sustains high velocity winds up to category 5 hurricanesWhile impact products are built to withstand flying debris and trespasser attempts, they also offer uv light protection (yet still allow natural light), noise reduction and energy efficiency.  In the event glass does crack on direct impact, its inner layer will inhibit the glass from forming into flying shards which has greater potential to cause further destruction and casualty. This type of long term protection and cost effectiveness for your home and family is matchless.  

While we know it is tempting to put off home improvement until tomorrow, we care about you and your family’s safety. Please don’t wait until the threat of a hurricane to secure your home’s future. The best time to make sure you are protected is before hurricane season arrives. Scheduling today will allow sufficient time for scheduling and installation. 

Do you have questions? Do you want to make sure you are prepared? Contact us today at 561-288-4799 to schedule your free estimate. It would be our privilege to partner with you in safeguarding your home and family with ultimate protection for this next hurricane season and many years to come. 

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