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Impact Windows Are An Investment, Not An Expense

We’ve noticed some homeowners hesitant to jump into having impact windows installed in their home as they feel it’s more of an inconvenient expense. Make no mistake: impact windows are an investment that all but guarantees quality of life improvements across the board. The myriad of benefits will immediately upgrade your day to day life while in your home, and offer long term benefits that will pay off in the long run. The Armored Impact Windows team is here to help break down the notion that impact windows are just a trend and an investment you’ll be grateful for for years to come. 

Decreased Energy Costs

While South Floridians don’t have to worry about freezing winters, they do get to experience summer heat all year long. This heat drives most homeowners to turn the temperature down on their thermostat to aid in cooling the entire house. Unfortunately, as more and more heat makes its way into your home through your standard windows, your HVAC system has to work overtime to keep your home cooled. This, in turn, leads to higher energy bills month in and month out. 

With impact windows, you’ll notice your energy bill drastically decrease month over month over month. This is due to their innate ability to effectively insulate your home compared to standard windows. Your A/C will be able to maintain temperature longer, and thus lets your entire system work less overall. 

Increased Protection & Peace of Mind

One of the most appealing reasons we find homeowners switching to impact windows is due to their incredible protection benefits, able to withstand heavy impacts and wind speeds upwards of 155+ miles per hour. Whether it be airborne debris during a hurricane, or a burglar trying to barge their way into your home via your windows, they’re guaranteed to have a much tougher time breaking in than if your home was outfitted with standard windows. 

Increased Property Value

Considering selling your home soon? You’ll be happy to know that impact windows will actually increase your home’s property value! Prospective home buyers in South Florida want to see that your home has impact windows installed already, rather than have to get them installed themselves. They’re more than willing to pay extra for your property if it means having impact windows already installed. 

If you’ve been debating whether to get impact windows installed in your home, make the right choice and contact Armored Impact Windows, South Florida’s trusted impact windows manufacturer and installer. For years, we’ve proven time and time again that impact windows aren’t merely an unnecessary expense, but a must have investment for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our impact windows and receive a free estimate!

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