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Hurricane Impact Window Myths

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work with homeowners across South Florida, providing them with the best hurricane protection for their homes available. While we’ve completed hundreds of jobs installing hurricane impact windows, we’ve noticed the rise of some very common myths over the years. Have no fear, the Armored Impact Windows team is here to help shed some light on these myths and provide you with some much needed peace of mind before you make this much needed investment for your home.

Impact Windows Are Too Bulky

We’ve discovered that many homeowners think that to offer so much added protection against hurricanes and other potential hazards the hurricane impact windows have to have an added thickness to them. The reality is: there really isn’t much difference in appearance between impact windows and standard windows. In fact, they would be nearly impossible to discern the two without knowing which was which.

Hurricane Impact Windows Offer No Style

Once again, anything standard windows can do, impact windows can do better. Hurricane impact windows can be cut and styled to match your wants and needs. We typically use a thin frame to offer as large a glass pane as possible to maximize your home’s viewport. Have a window that isn’t a common size? Not a problem! We can style it and cut it to your liking.

Taping My Windows Offers As Much Protection As Impact Windows

Make no mistake, this is not the case. It has been proven time and time again that applying tape to your windows in a cross, X Pattern, checkerboard pattern, or other do anything. In fact, it’s considerably more dangerous as should your window shatter you’ve now connected pieces into larger shards. We strongly recommend electing for a much safer form of protection such as aluminum shutters or impact windows.

I Can Install My Own Impact Windows

DIYers may want to install the windows themselves, but trust in the experts on this one. With decades of experience installing impact windows in homes across South Florida, we have the experience, knowledge and people necessary to ensure your windows are installed properly and efficiently.

Impact Windows Only Protect Against Hurricanes

Not true! While hurricane impact windows are designed to protect your home against large storms such as tropical storms and hurricanes, they offer a variety of protections against other environmental factors.

Some of the most commonly cited things hurricane impact windows protect again include:

  • Excess Exterior Noise
  • Burglars/Intruders
  • UV Rays
  • Heat

Have a myth about hurricane impact windows you’d like debunked, or just ready to get your own installed? Contact Armored Impact Windows today to get started. Reach out online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419 to get started!

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