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How To Prepare For An Impact Window Installation

You’ve just purchased your new impact windows and scheduled your appointment, so you’re all set! We’ll, there’s actually a few steps involved in ensuring your home’s prepared for the upcoming window installation process. Here are some of the key steps you should take to ensure your home’s ready for the Armored Impact installation team during your appointment. 

Clear The Space Outside

The installation team needs space to install the window, so we strongly recommend moving any outdoor furniture, pots, and other plants out of the way until the installation is complete. If there are any trees and shrubs in the way, have them trimmed down as much as possible. 

Clear The Space Inside

You should clear the area surrounding your windows on the inside as well. The Armored Impact installation team will need to work on both sides of the house to ensure the impact window is placed properly. Moving any and all furniture & belongings away from the window guarantees the team won’t have an accident inside or damage any of your items. 

Protect Your Floors

With heavy foot traffic and tools in use throughout the installation, your floors are susceptible to being scuffed and dirtied throughout the process. Many of our clients tend to lay a tarp, canvas, or plastic sheeting to protect their floors throughout the installation process.

Make Your Home Accessible

As mentioned, there will be people moving in, out, and around your home throughout the installation. It can be difficult to stay home during the entirety of the job, so your home should be made to be as accessible as possible. This includes disabling any alarms for your doors and windows to allow our team to move freely and complete the job in the quickest time possible. You can rest assured knowing that the Armored Impact team is focused on getting the job done in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

Remove Any Window Coverings

In the same vein as cleaning the space for our team, any blinds or drapes can get in the way of our team working so we suggest just removing them for the time being to allow our team to freely install the new impact windows without damaging the blinds or drapes in any way.

Have questions about your upcoming installation, or looking to get impact windows installed in your home? Contact the Armored Impact Windows team today! Simply reach out online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419 to learn more!

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