How to Hurricane Proof Your House

Homeowners with property in hurricane-prone areas who don’t take the necessary steps to hurricane-proof the home lessen its level of safety and increase the chances for costly repairs.

Tips on How to Hurricane Proof Your House

Many steps are available to take prior to hurricane season to increase the chances your home will weather the storm.

A few of the basic tips include:

  • Protecting your windows and doors (see below)
  • Purchasing a backup generator in case of a power failure
  • Stocking several days of food, water, and emergency supplies
  • Securing outdoor objects that could become destructive flying objects
  • Cutting back tree limbs

For the home itself, two vulnerable areas that may be overlooked but benefit from hurricane-proof techniques are the windows and doors. As two of the weakest points in a home’s structure, providing protection with impact windows and doors is an investment in long-term interior security.

Benefits of Impact Doors and Windows

Impact windows and doors are specifically designed and tested to withstand wind and flying debris from penetrating the home, which can result in destruction and costly repair. When you hurricane proof your house with impact windows and doors, you’ll enjoy many additional advantages, such as noise abatement and energy efficiency, along with the feeling of security during a storm.

While the initial investment may be more expensive than just replacing current windows with an inexpensive Non-Impact Product, you will save money over time. Once you’ve made a selection that suits your home and they’re installed, the value of your home increases. This is a plus if you have plans to put your home on the market. You’ll also recoup part of your investment in lower monthly energy costs and homeowner’s insurance. On the comfort level, impact windows and doors heighten security from intruders, and outside noise is reduced resulting in an inviting environment.

Before hurricane season arrives, investigate your options for securing and upgrading your home against destructive weather.

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