How Do I Know If My Windows are Hurricane Proof?

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you may notice homes that have specialized impact windows and doors. Especially if you are looking to purchase a new home in the area, one important item on your real estate checklist should be to see if the windows are hurricane proof.

What’s the Difference Between Regular Windows and Impact Windows?

new impact windows installed - florida estateThe biggest difference is how the glass is manufactured and how it breaks. Regular windows are made from float glass that will break into large, sharp shards of glass upon impact. This is a very dangerous scenario if flying debris and glass enter your home at high speeds, causing serious bodily injury. An opening in a hurricane is not only unsafe, but can likely cause extensive damage to your property from wind and water.

Impact windows are shatter-resistant and manufactured with 2 pieces of laminated, insulated glass that is bonded together with either Polyvinyl Butaryl (PVB) or DuPoint Sentry Glass Plus (SGP).  *Armored Impact Windows offers both options depending on the application.

After sustaining impact from a large object, the impact resistant glass may break, but should stay intact to the heavy-duty frame it is fastened to. Impact windows are designed to protect you and your home from wind, water and flying debris. Impact also must meet astringent standards, rigorous testing, and certified impact-resistant before they can be sold to market.

How Do I Know If My Windows are Hurricane Proof?

There are three ways to check if your windows are hurricane proof.

  1. Permanent Mark on Corner of Glass: Impact resistant glass is normally sold with a mark that is etched into one of the corners of the glass. It will typically list the: (1) manufacturer, (2) manufacturer date and location, as well as (3) certifications/safety standards the glass meets.
  2. Temporary Label on Glass: Because Impact resistant glass have to be cut to fit the correct window frame dimensions, the permanent mark on the corner of the glass may not always be visible. In this case, check the class for a temporarily label that states the type of glass along with manufacture info.
  3. Ask an Expert: If you are still not entirely sure, contact Armored Impact Windows at (561) 288-4799 and one of our specialists will be able to provide further detail on if your windows are hurricane proof.
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