Homeowner’s Guide To Impact Windows

Homeowners across South Florida are making the switch to impact windows, and for good reason! Impact windows offer a tremendous number of benefits over traditional standard windows, from protection against intruders and hurricanes to energy savings you’d never experience with “builder’s standard” windows. But when searching for impact windows, where do you even begin? 

Armored Impact Windows is here to help guide you through impact windows and everything you need to know when looking into impact windows for your home. Consider the following:


One of the main myths of impact windows is that you’re stuck to a few styles. That just isn’t the case. Armored Impact carries a variety of styles to best match your taste and preferences. Everyone has their own aesthetic preferences, and we never want to limit you when it comes to impact windows. Armored Impact carries the following styles of impact windows for your home:

  • Single Hung Windows: Style of impact window with a lower operable sash, and a fixed upper sash. So, the bottom part of the window moves up and down while the upper portion stays fixed in position.
  • Horizontal Roller Windows: Similar in functionality to sliding glass doors, the horizontal roller opens its panels from left to right rather than up and down, offering a more contemporary look to your windows.
  • Window Walls: Large window walls offer a beautifully bright, clear wall that allows for natural light to flow effortlessly into your home. Enjoy stunning vistas from the comfort of your home with all the benefits of added protection and energy efficiency. 
  • Architectural Windows: Architectural windows offer the liberties of creative design while still allowing the ability to monitor cost, acoustics, energy efficiency and weather performance.

Don’t see a style you like? Contact our team today so we can assist with securing the right solution for your home!


Impact windows come in all shapes, sizes, and brands. While there are several impact window brands available, we’ve aligned ourselves with some of the best brands available to offer you the best protection on the market. Some of them include:

ES Windows

Founded in 1984, ES Windows originally introduced hurricane resistant doors and windows to the construction market. Now with more than 30 years of expertise in the impact industry,  ESWindows remains the leading window supplier company in the manufacturing for both the residential and commercial construction markets.

PGT Windows

PGT Industries has built its business upon a focus on relationships. Their clear purpose is to offer customers with a peace of mind as they invest in everyday products built to last a lifetime. Since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, PGT Industries claims to hold the highest number of Miami Dade certifications in the window and door industry.

In addition to ES Windows and PGT, we offer the following amazing brands as well:

  • Plastpro
  • WinDoor
  • Horton Automatics
  • Smith Mountain Windows & Doors
  • CR Lawrence
  • Custom Window Systems


Impact windows come with a number of benefits all designed to enhance you and your family’s quality of life immediately. As a South Florida resident, it’s important to be aware of the protections and benefits that come with your impact windows. These include:

  • Hurricane Protection
  • Intruder Protection
  • Sound Protection
  • UV Protection
  • Increased Energy Savings
  • Insurance Benefits


Impact window maintenance is a breeze! Simply follow the steps below to guarantee perfect impact windows for years to come.

Step 1: Spray the window down with a hose. Never use a pressure cleaner, as these can destroy the group and unseal your windows. Gunk and dirt should wash out easily. If not, use a nonabrasive towel to remove residual dirt.

Step 2: Never let your windows dry in the sun! Doing so can leave your windows with watermarks that may never come out again. Instead, use a squeegee to remove any excess water easily. 

Step 3: Once squeegeed, simply apply a nonabrasive window cleaner and wipe down with a microfibre towel. You’re done!


Even for the most seasoned DIY pro, installation of impact windows can be difficult. Thankfully, you don’t have to tackle it alone. Armored Impact Windows has its own installation division ready to apply your windows for you. Our team is minimally invasive and expertly trained, able to install your new windows in a quick and efficient manner. 

From the moment you contact us to the moment your windows are fully installed, the Armored Impact team is right by your side every step of the way. To learn more about our impact windows or receive a free quote, contact us today online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419.

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