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Does Your Business Need Impact Windows?

We’ll tell you right off the bat – if you live or work in Florida, or the Florida area, then yes. Regardless of the type of property, it probably would be an incredibly wise decision to install hurricane impact windows sooner rather than later. Why’s that? Because as any native or Florida business knows, Florida is home to a lot of strong, vicious winds, and hurricanes. These take place roughly each year, which is why authorities have taken serious steps towards ensuring that people are protected.

And while people often think about their homes when installing hurricane impact windows, they forget to also consider their place of work.

So, here’s why your Florida business also needs impact windows…

1.  First of all, there may be a legal reason.

Since Florida is the setting of so many hurricanes and natural disasters, local regulations have been often amended and tweaked to protect residents. This is why the state of Florida now performs regular property check-ups, during which they also inspect the state of the windows.

This means that if your Florida business doesn’t meet these standards (e.g., doesn’t have impact windows), then you may be at risk. What’s more, your building may also endanger innocents, which is why the state is taking such an active hand in this issue.

2.  Impact windows will save you energy in the long run.

As an employer and business owner, it is your duty to ensure the wellbeing of your employees. For many employers, this means spending precious thousands of dollars on electric bills. If you’re working in hot temperatures, you’ll need to keep the A/C on permanently, to ensure your employees can work in these conditions.

Similarly, during the winter, you probably have to keep the central heating turned on, to keep your employees all warm and cozy. These things may not seem like much now, but they add up.

Impact windows, however, contribute to your building’s insulating properties. That means they keep the cold out in the winter, and the heat out in the summer, thus reducing your energy bills by quite a bit.

3.  Impact windows offer improved security.

As a place of business, you need to have some contingencies in place, in the case of theft. You need to ensure that company goods are insured and protected from thieves. But why not protect the goods themselves?

Because impact windows don’t just keep strong wind out, but also burglars. And thus, by reducing the risk of you getting robbed, impact windows can help safeguard your business.

4.  They’re good, insurance-wise.

Obviously, all businesses need to be insured, and that includes the building you work in. When you install hurricane impact windows, you’re automatically increasing the overall value of your property by a substantial amount. This means that when the time comes for you to get your building insured, you may get a better insurance deal if you have hurricane windows.

See? Impact windows are the only smart choice for your Florida business.

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