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Can Hurricane Windows Break?

As February rolls around, we inch closer and closer to the impending 2022 Hurricane Season. With only 4 months between now and the official start date of June 1st, it’s critical that homeowners make the jump to impact windows now well in advance to avoid being caught in the backlog of hurricane window quotes. As we’ve worked with homeowners across South Florida for decades, we’ve received a slew of questions regarding impact windows. From “how much stronger are impact windows over shutters?” to “I don’t live on the coast, do I still need hurricane windows?”, we’ve had the pleasure of quelling any fears homeowners may have.

One that continuously pops up is “can impact windows break?” Of course, homeowners looking to have hurricane windows installed in their homes are prepared to make an investment into the security of their home and family, so it should offer the necessary defense required to stop everything from burglars to heavy storm winds.

Can Hurricane Windows Break?

For a hurricane window to break, it would need to be placed under extreme conditions for an extended period of time. With enough of an impact, you may see the hurricane window break, however, it absolutely cannot be penetrated.

Impact windows are made up of multiple layers that are combined together to form a defensive barrier against heavy impacts ensuring that it never completely collapses against the elements.

Installation Is Key

It doesn’t matter how strong a hurricane window is, without proper installation it doesn’t stand a chance against high-impact scenarios. An incorrectly installed impact window will leave the seal compromised, making it easy for exterior forces to brute force their way through. If a hurricane’s heavy pressures can find a way to barrel through your home via a weak point, they will. Don’t leave it up to chance and let our expert field team get your new impact windows properly installed.

If My Hurricane Windows Are Damaged Can I Replace Them?

Yes! If your window has broken due to an external force they’re covered under our warranty for up to 36 months. Depending on the type of damage your impact window has faced it may require the entire frame be swapped out, however this is highly unlikely due to our field team’s high-quality installation process.

When it comes to your impact windows from Armored Impact, you can sleep easy knowing they’ll protect you against even the worst of the worst. Even when they break, they’re still capable of defending you and your family better than a standard window. To learn more about our product catalog and installation services before the 2022 Hurricane Season rolls around, contact Armored Impact Windows today online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419.

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