How to protect windows from hurricanes

Hurricanes are coming, and fast!

They might be here before you even know, they might catch you by surprise, they might destroy important parts of your house like your doors, windows, etc.

It is important to understand how to protect your windows against hurricanes since it is vulnerable if not the most vulnerable part of your house during a storm. Windows can fail, break, bend, and others.

Letting water into your house, causing a flood and not to mention the thousands of dollars in expenses for replacing everything in case you don’t have home insurance, so it is best to know how to protect your windows from hurricanes.

There are a couple of different methods each of them offers their type of protection, all are good, but some are way better than others. Some are Plywood, hurricane shutters, hurricane impact windows and hurricane film. We want to mention each along with their advantages and disadvantages, along with an opinion at the end of this article. Continue Reading

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