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The Don’ts Of Impact Windows

Impact windows are an incredible way to protect your home from potential external dangers all year long, while also providing some significant benefits along the way. When considering purchasing impact windows for your home, there are some things that you should be aware of—some “dont’s” of impact windows. We’ve seen several homeowners make the same mistakes time and time again when it comes to both already installed impact windows and when purchasing them. Keep in mind the following:

The Don’ts of Impact Windows:

Don’t Push Them Off Till The Hurricane Off Season

As impact windows are mainly designed to protect your home from heavy wind speeds and direct impacts from debris thrown during a hurricane, that’s what most homeowners in South Florida attribute them to. As such, they’ll wait till hurricane season to contact Armored Impact Windows or another impact window company in South Florida to get a quote and begin installation. We strongly recommend against this, for a number of reasons.

Hurricane season in South Florida runs from June 1st all the way to November 30th each year. That means that homeowners are waiting, at minimum, 6 months, to contact about impact windows. Not only does this leave you vulnerable to the potential of a hurricane striking your home, but you’ll find yourself stuck in a backlog of everyone else rushing to get them installed. Don’t wait for hurricane season to end before you get your impact windows installed.

Don’t Try To Install Them Yourself

Even if you’re the most seasoned DIY-er and enjoy undertaking projects throughout your home, the Armored Impact Windows team advises against trying to install them yourself. An improperly installed impact window is the difference between your home being safe and potential threats having easy access. Thankfully, Armored Impact Window’s team is expertly trained and more than prepared to ensure your home is secure with our windows in place.

Don’t Use Hard Tools To Clean Them

Maintaining your windows and keeping them clean can guarantee your home is aesthetically pleasing all year long. With that said, when cleaning your windows stay away from utilizing any hard or metal tools. These tools can and will scratch your windows, damaging them forever. We want you to enjoy your windows scratch free, so stick to wiping your windows with a rubber squeegee and microfiber towels.

Don’t Try To Test Them Out

While the prospect of attempting to test out how strong your windows are, we suggest against the urge to test themselves out. Whether throwing large debris at them (or yourself), you can still damage your windows or yourself if being reckless. Trust knowing that when the time comes your impact windows will defend you against whatever external force is trying to barge its way in.

Have a question about impact windows? Don’t hesitate to contact the Armored Impact Windows team today! Our team of experts are more than happy to provide you with any answers, simply contact us online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419.

Impact Windows Are An Investment, Not An Expense

We’ve noticed some homeowners hesitant to jump into having impact windows installed in their home as they feel it’s more of an inconvenient expense. Make no mistake: impact windows are an investment that all but guarantees quality of life improvements across the board. The myriad of benefits will immediately upgrade your day to day life while in your home, and offer long term benefits that will pay off in the long run. The Armored Impact Windows team is here to help break down the notion that impact windows are just a trend and an investment you’ll be grateful for for years to come. 

Decreased Energy Costs

While South Floridians don’t have to worry about freezing winters, they do get to experience summer heat all year long. This heat drives most homeowners to turn the temperature down on their thermostat to aid in cooling the entire house. Unfortunately, as more and more heat makes its way into your home through your standard windows, your HVAC system has to work overtime to keep your home cooled. This, in turn, leads to higher energy bills month in and month out. 

With impact windows, you’ll notice your energy bill drastically decrease month over month over month. This is due to their innate ability to effectively insulate your home compared to standard windows. Your A/C will be able to maintain temperature longer, and thus lets your entire system work less overall. 

Increased Protection & Peace of Mind

One of the most appealing reasons we find homeowners switching to impact windows is due to their incredible protection benefits, able to withstand heavy impacts and wind speeds upwards of 155+ miles per hour. Whether it be airborne debris during a hurricane, or a burglar trying to barge their way into your home via your windows, they’re guaranteed to have a much tougher time breaking in than if your home was outfitted with standard windows. 

Increased Property Value

Considering selling your home soon? You’ll be happy to know that impact windows will actually increase your home’s property value! Prospective home buyers in South Florida want to see that your home has impact windows installed already, rather than have to get them installed themselves. They’re more than willing to pay extra for your property if it means having impact windows already installed. 

If you’ve been debating whether to get impact windows installed in your home, make the right choice and contact Armored Impact Windows, South Florida’s trusted impact windows manufacturer and installer. For years, we’ve proven time and time again that impact windows aren’t merely an unnecessary expense, but a must have investment for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about our impact windows and receive a free estimate!

Can Hurricane Windows Break?

As February rolls around, we inch closer and closer to the impending 2022 Hurricane Season. With only 4 months between now and the official start date of June 1st, it’s critical that homeowners make the jump to impact windows now well in advance to avoid being caught in the backlog of hurricane window quotes. As we’ve worked with homeowners across South Florida for decades, we’ve received a slew of questions regarding impact windows. From “how much stronger are impact windows over shutters?” to “I don’t live on the coast, do I still need hurricane windows?”, we’ve had the pleasure of quelling any fears homeowners may have.

One that continuously pops up is “can impact windows break?” Of course, homeowners looking to have hurricane windows installed in their homes are prepared to make an investment into the security of their home and family, so it should offer the necessary defense required to stop everything from burglars to heavy storm winds.

Can Hurricane Windows Break?

For a hurricane window to break, it would need to be placed under extreme conditions for an extended period of time. With enough of an impact, you may see the hurricane window break, however, it absolutely cannot be penetrated.

Impact windows are made up of multiple layers that are combined together to form a defensive barrier against heavy impacts ensuring that it never completely collapses against the elements.

Installation Is Key

It doesn’t matter how strong a hurricane window is, without proper installation it doesn’t stand a chance against high-impact scenarios. An incorrectly installed impact window will leave the seal compromised, making it easy for exterior forces to brute force their way through. If a hurricane’s heavy pressures can find a way to barrel through your home via a weak point, they will. Don’t leave it up to chance and let our expert field team get your new impact windows properly installed.

If My Hurricane Windows Are Damaged Can I Replace Them?

Yes! If your window has broken due to an external force they’re covered under our warranty for up to 36 months. Depending on the type of damage your impact window has faced it may require the entire frame be swapped out, however this is highly unlikely due to our field team’s high-quality installation process.

When it comes to your impact windows from Armored Impact, you can sleep easy knowing they’ll protect you against even the worst of the worst. Even when they break, they’re still capable of defending you and your family better than a standard window. To learn more about our product catalog and installation services before the 2022 Hurricane Season rolls around, contact Armored Impact Windows today online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419.

You Should Get Impact Windows If:

Too often do we hear questions such as “should I get impact windows?” or “how would I know if I needed impact windows?” It happens all the time. The truth is: if you’re asking if it’s time to switch out your regular windows for impact windows, it’s absolutely time to switch out your windows. That said, most homeowners aren’t really sure when it’s time to say goodbye to the windows currently installed in your home. Thankfully, the team here at Armored Impact is here to help make sense of when it’s time to make the switch to impact windows.

You Should Get Impact Windows If:

Your windows are OLD

If you, like many other South Florida homeowners, purchased your home in the 90s/early 00s you’ve likely been stuck with the same windows ever since you moved in. Standard windows installed 20-30 years ago were designed with a maximum lifespan of 15 years before they needed to be replaced. That means that your windows are well past their expiration date, and they should be swapped out immediately, as they’re now affecting the quality of life for you and your family every single day. While you could elect for standard windows once again, this is the perfect situation to get impact windows installed. Impact windows have an average lifespan of 25 years, and that can be pushed further with proper maintenance.

You Want To Protect Your Home All Year Long

If you’ve heard of impact windows, chances are you’ve heard about how great they are for defending against South Florida’s greatest enemy: hurricanes. Interchangeable with “hurricane windows”, impact windows are rated to withstand the toughest of blows from thrown debris and wind speeds upwards of 150 miles per hour.

Not only are impact windows ideal for hurricanes, they also offer protection against other external forces. Intruders and burglars that were once able to easily break down windows and enter your home will find it nearly impossible to get through your new impact windows.

Your Home Is Never The Right Temperature

Have you noticed that it’s always too hot when it should be cool, and too cold when you have the heater turned up? This is likely a byproduct of the decreasing efficiency of your windows. Standard windows are built with an inert gas in the space between the two panes, which functions as an insulator to keep your home at the right temperature. As the years wear on, so does this insulating gas. Eventually it dissipates entirely, leaving your home without a way to protect you against the external elements. Thankfully, impact windows have a built-in layer designed to protect your home and insulate it all year long.

You’re Planning On Selling Your Home Soon

While it may seem counterintuitive to spend money on a home you’re planning on selling, installing impact windows before putting your home on the market can actually boost the property value and get you more. Many prospective home buyers don’t want to have to spend money on getting them installed themselves, so they rather pay more for a home that already has them installed.

Feel like you have another circumstance that may warrant having impact windows installed in your home? Contact the Armored Impact team today online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419 and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

How To Tell It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

South Florida homes built in the 90s and early 2000s are beginning to reach the point where many everyday parts of the house have to be inspected and reviewed. As building codes were much more lenient than they are today, many of the things you take for granted today would never pass inspection if installed today. One of these are the windows in your home. 

The first line of defense in your home, your windows should be ready for anything that gets thrown their way. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Many cookie cutter homes developed throughout South Florida in the 90s and 00s used “standard windows”. These are subpar windows that are typically installed as a low cost option that offer little benefits. With a lifespan of 15-20 years, it’s either right on time or beyond the deadline for swapping your windows. But living in your home every day, how can you possibly tell when you have windows that are failing and in need of replacement? There are actually some telltale signs of when it’s time to replace your windows for good. Consider the following:

How To Tell Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

Windows Won’t Move

As windows age they tend to lose the ability to open and close easily. This can be caused by the formation of rust and rot throughout the frame, making it nearly impossible to move the window up and down. If your poorly performing windows wont move, there’s a serious reliability and safety issue that needs to be addressed. In the event of an emergency, your windows should function as an exit. If you can’t open your windows and you’re trapped inside, that’s a serious problem. 

It’s Cold When It Should Be Warm And Vice Versa

Have you noticed that your house stays chilly in the Winter, despite putting on the heater? Is it heat stifling even though you have the A/C cranked down to the low 60s in the middle of Summer? You can blame your windows. Your windows work to insulate your home all year long, however as time goes on they just can’t function as efficiently as when they were freshly installed. This means drafts and heat are able to enter your home much quicker than before, leaving you exposed to the elements even when you’re inside.

Exterior Noise Is Seeping Inside Constantly

From car alarms accidentally going off, to the sound of a dog barking at 4am, to the neighbor mowing their lawn far too early on Sunday, exterior noise is best left outside. Unfortunately, poorly performing windows can leave you hearing all of these examples every single day. As mentioned above, your windows insulate your home from the outside world—including noise. Poorly performing windows will allow noise that you once never heard to make its way into your home day in and day out. 

Don’t Stick With Subpar Windows

Standard windows installed on homes in the late 90s early 2000s are well past their due date to be replaced. Don’t make the mistake of replacing them for identical standard windows, and enjoy the benefits of impact windows. Discover the benefits they offer your home and with Armored Impact Windows! Contact us today to learn more about having impact windows installed in your home by reaching us online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419.

What Does Condensation On My Windows Mean?

As South Florida’s weather can drastically fluctuate daily, it’s rather common to see condensation form on your windows. With rainstorms that can last from mere seconds to hours on end, coupled with the steady heat can lead to high levels of humidity all year long. Thus, the sight of condensation on your windows isn’t cause for immediate concern. However make no mistake: there are absolutely circumstances where condensation on your windows should be cause for concern.

Condensation On The Interior Side Of Your Windows – Nothing To Fear

Condensation that forms on the interior side of the windows in your home is of no concern. This typically occurs when one side of your home’s temperature is drastically different from the other side. Whether you’re raising the AC temperature to combat the cold outside, or lowering it to beat the sweltering heat of a South Florida summer, this can lead to your windows fogging up. The simple solution is to simply wipe them down with a lint-free microfiber towel. One solution is to utilize your ceiling fans more often, as they work very well for improving indoor air circulation.

Condensation On The Exterior Side Of Your Windows – Same Thing!

Much like the interior side, the exterior side of your windows forming condensation is entirely related to the rising and falling of temperatures & humidity in South Florida. If this becomes an issue, you can spray your windows with a water repellent spray similar to the ones used for car windshields.

Condensation Between Your Windows – This Spells Trouble

When you see condensation form between your window panes, you could be facing a far more serious problem. As windows were originally installed in new construction homes back in the 90s and early 2000s, the gap between the two window panes was filled with gases such as argon to function as an insulator. As the years would wear on, more and more of the gas would escape, leading to the window seal wearing down. This allows condensation to seep in between your windows, causing condensation to form that can’t be removed. With that said, condensation is the least of your concerns. An unsealed window can allow for the exterior environment to make its way into your home uninvited. One major concern would be mold spores. These coupled with the humidity that makes its way into your home, can lead to serious patches of mold forming throughout your home. If you notice a foul or musty odor any time you walk by your windows, you could have mold already forming in your home.

If you notice condensation forming on the inside of your windows, don’t hesitate—contact the Armored Impact Windows team today. We’re able to quickly assist with window replacement and installation. Contact us today either online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419 to learn how we can assist you today.

Hurricane Impact Window Myths

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work with homeowners across South Florida, providing them with the best hurricane protection for their homes available. While we’ve completed hundreds of jobs installing hurricane impact windows, we’ve noticed the rise of some very common myths over the years. Have no fear, the Armored Impact Windows team is here to help shed some light on these myths and provide you with some much needed peace of mind before you make this much needed investment for your home.

Impact Windows Are Too Bulky

We’ve discovered that many homeowners think that to offer so much added protection against hurricanes and other potential hazards the hurricane impact windows have to have an added thickness to them. The reality is: there really isn’t much difference in appearance between impact windows and standard windows. In fact, they would be nearly impossible to discern the two without knowing which was which.

Hurricane Impact Windows Offer No Style

Once again, anything standard windows can do, impact windows can do better. Hurricane impact windows can be cut and styled to match your wants and needs. We typically use a thin frame to offer as large a glass pane as possible to maximize your home’s viewport. Have a window that isn’t a common size? Not a problem! We can style it and cut it to your liking.

Taping My Windows Offers As Much Protection As Impact Windows

Make no mistake, this is not the case. It has been proven time and time again that applying tape to your windows in a cross, X Pattern, checkerboard pattern, or other do anything. In fact, it’s considerably more dangerous as should your window shatter you’ve now connected pieces into larger shards. We strongly recommend electing for a much safer form of protection such as aluminum shutters or impact windows.

I Can Install My Own Impact Windows

DIYers may want to install the windows themselves, but trust in the experts on this one. With decades of experience installing impact windows in homes across South Florida, we have the experience, knowledge and people necessary to ensure your windows are installed properly and efficiently.

Impact Windows Only Protect Against Hurricanes

Not true! While hurricane impact windows are designed to protect your home against large storms such as tropical storms and hurricanes, they offer a variety of protections against other environmental factors.

Some of the most commonly cited things hurricane impact windows protect again include:

  • Excess Exterior Noise
  • Burglars/Intruders
  • UV Rays
  • Heat

Have a myth about hurricane impact windows you’d like debunked, or just ready to get your own installed? Contact Armored Impact Windows today to get started. Reach out online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419 to get started!

Hurricane Season Prep 2022: Get Started Early

The year may have just started, but make no mistake: hurricane season is quickly approaching. Starting January 1st, South Floridians must prepare to tackle the new Hurricane Season all the way through November 30th. The oncoming potential onslaught of the minor tropical depression to the highly devastating Category 5 should be more than enough reason for homeowners to start their hurricane season prep as soon as possible. With only a few months remaining before it kicks off there’s a few things to check off to ensure peace of mind and safety for you and your loved ones.

Know The Difference

When you think of “Hurricane Season” the first thing that comes to mind is “hurricanes”. The fact is that there’s multiple stages of a hurricane’s development, all of which are dangerous in their own right. You should be aware of the different types of Atlantic storms that can make their way towards South Florida:

  • Tropical Disturbance: loosely packed rain clouds, maintains its structure for more than 24 hours straight. Wind speeds upwards of 23 miles per hour.
  • Tropical Depression: The next stage up from a tropical depression. Wind speeds range from between 23 to 38 miles per hour. 
  • Tropical Storm: Tropical depression that continues to sustain itself, with wind speeds ranging from 39 miles per hour to 73 miles per hour.
  • Hurricane: A tropical storm becomes a hurricane the moment it reaches 74 miles per hour. Hurricanes evolve further as they reach certain wind speeds.
    • Category 1: wind speeds of 74 miles per hour to 95 miles per hour
    • Category 2: wind speeds of 96 miles per hour to 110 miles per hour
    • Category 3: wind speeds of 111 miles per hour to 129 miles per hour
    • Category 4: wind speeds of 130 miles per hour to 156 miles per hour
    • Category 5: wind speeds of 157+ miles per hour 

Make no mistake in your hurricane season prep: any of these storms can cause significant damage to your home if not treated seriously. 

Additionally: as tropical storms and hurricanes make their way towards the coasts of South Florida, there’s two key notifications you should be aware of: “Watch” and “Warning”. A tropical storm/hurricane watch means that residents should be actively preparing to protect themselves and their home, or evacuate depending on the severity of the storm, as tropical storm/hurricane conditions are expected in your area. A tropical storm/hurricane watch means that the tropical storm and hurricane conditions are possible in your area. 

Have An Evacuation Plan Prepared

If you reside in South Florida you should have a hurricane evacuation plan prepared well in advance. Typically, local and state level government bodies of Florida will provide evacuation notices and routes as it becomes clear that the storm will be making its way through South Florida. At this point, traffic will be heavily backed up through major highways as most residents make their way out of danger. By having a route planned in advance, you and your family can navigate this highly stressful situation calmly and efficiently. Make sure to take any pets and family members that don’t live in your home into account as well. 

Have Emergency Supplies and Non Perishable Foods Readily Available

Whether you end up staying in your home or evacuating, you should have emergency supplies and non perishable food items readily available. Heavy winds tend to knock power lines over, leaving you without power for anywhere between a day and two weeks as workers make their way past downed trees and other debris. In this time, you’ll have no power to your cooking appliances, televisions, internet, etc. Perishable food items will go bad as well. Access to hospitals will be limited since ambulances won’t be able to reach you as soon as possible.

You should have stores of non-perishable foods to sustain your family during down time, a three day supply of water per person in your home (one gallon of water a day per person), as well as an emergency first aid kit available in the unforeseen event of an injury. Other items to have readily available include:

  • Flashlights
  • Extra batteries
  • Materials for emergency home repairs
  • Basic tools
  • Generator (for outdoor use ONLY)
  • Prescription Drugs

Get Hurricane Windows Installed 

During your hurricane season prep, you should focus on upgrading your windows. One of the major weak spots of any home is its windows, capable of being destroyed by thrown objects or intruders rather easily. All windows come with a Design Pressure (DP) rating, with standard windows being anywhere between DP 15-50. A DP 15 window will shatter around 77 miles per hour, or just north of a tropical storm and a weak category one hurricane. Thus homeowners are strongly advised to protect their windows during any major storm. While you could elect for plywood or aluminum shutters, neither offer the sheer protection that hurricane windows do. Rated to sustain upwards of 160 miles per hour, hurricane windows are capable of sustaining against whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Make no mistake: your South Florida should have hurricane windows installed. They offer a variety of benefits designed to protect your home and boost its property value in the long run. 

This year, make sure you get on the ball early and jump on your hurricane season prep now before the season is upon us. Thankfully, you can count on Armored Impact Windows to outfit your home with impact windows. We’ve worked with countless homeowners across South Florida, and we can assist you too. Contact us today online or visit one of our showrooms in Palm Beach County and Broward County to see our available options!

How To Prepare For An Impact Window Installation

You’ve just purchased your new impact windows and scheduled your appointment, so you’re all set! We’ll, there’s actually a few steps involved in ensuring your home’s prepared for the upcoming window installation process. Here are some of the key steps you should take to ensure your home’s ready for the Armored Impact installation team during your appointment. 

Clear The Space Outside

The installation team needs space to install the window, so we strongly recommend moving any outdoor furniture, pots, and other plants out of the way until the installation is complete. If there are any trees and shrubs in the way, have them trimmed down as much as possible. 

Clear The Space Inside

You should clear the area surrounding your windows on the inside as well. The Armored Impact installation team will need to work on both sides of the house to ensure the impact window is placed properly. Moving any and all furniture & belongings away from the window guarantees the team won’t have an accident inside or damage any of your items. 

Protect Your Floors

With heavy foot traffic and tools in use throughout the installation, your floors are susceptible to being scuffed and dirtied throughout the process. Many of our clients tend to lay a tarp, canvas, or plastic sheeting to protect their floors throughout the installation process.

Make Your Home Accessible

As mentioned, there will be people moving in, out, and around your home throughout the installation. It can be difficult to stay home during the entirety of the job, so your home should be made to be as accessible as possible. This includes disabling any alarms for your doors and windows to allow our team to move freely and complete the job in the quickest time possible. You can rest assured knowing that the Armored Impact team is focused on getting the job done in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.

Remove Any Window Coverings

In the same vein as cleaning the space for our team, any blinds or drapes can get in the way of our team working so we suggest just removing them for the time being to allow our team to freely install the new impact windows without damaging the blinds or drapes in any way.

Have questions about your upcoming installation, or looking to get impact windows installed in your home? Contact the Armored Impact Windows team today! Simply reach out online or give us a call at (561) 800-2419 to learn more!

What Else Do Impact Windows Protect Against?

While famous for their protection against hurricane force winds, impact windows actually provide protection against a myriad of potential dangers to your home. Where standard windows would crack and shatter, impact windows are constructed to withstand forces upwards of even the fastest hurricane wind speeds. When deciding on whether or not to get high impact windows installed in your home, consider the additional protections they offer for you and your loved ones.


Impact windows offer tremendous home security over traditional windows. While designed with protecting your home against hurricane force winds in mind, impact windows are ideal against home invaders. Windows are one of the most common entry points for burglars to break into your home as they’re easy to smash with an array of equipment to even a simple rock. With impact windows, that becomes a worry of the past as this glass was intended to protect against 100+ mile per hour wind speeds. Your family can have peace of mind knowing that no home invaders are going to break into your home anytime soon.


One of the major benefits that comes with your impact windows is their innate ability to soundproof your home. Nobody wants to hear the hustle and bustle of traffic going down your street or neighbors noisily mowing their lawn outside on a Sunday morning. Standard windows have a Standard Transmission Coefficient, or STC, of 29 or less, with it drastically reducing depending on when they were originally installed. Our windows have an STC range of 32-35, which is a significant increase over standard windows. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace and calm of your home while the world outside rumbles along. 

Higher Energy Bills

An ancillary bonus of having impact windows installed in your home is their natural insulation effect. Single pane windows tend to make your AC unit work overtime as more heat gets drawn in from the outside. Impact doors and windows do a phenomenal job of keeping the external heat down, meaning your entire HVAC has to do less to keep your home cool. This, in turn, helps lower your overall energy bill!

Impact doors and windows provide a variety of protections that are guaranteed to make your life that much easier. Ready to make the switch? Contact our team today and discover the Armored Impact difference. Give us a call at (561) 800-2419 and a team member will be more than happy to assist!

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